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Los Angeles Unified School District

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), one of the largest public school systems in the United States, was grappling with low vaccination rates among its student population. This issue not only posed a significant health risk but also had substantial financial implications, with the district losing approximately $1 million a day due to noncompliance. In response to this urgent challenge, our team was brought in to devise a solution that would enhance vaccination compliance, reduce financial losses, and improve health management within the community.

The Challenge

LAUSD's main obstacle was the inefficient and outdated system in place for managing vaccination records and compliance. The existing process was cumbersome, inaccessible to many families, and lacked the necessary features to encourage timely vaccination updates. This led to a substantial number of students failing to meet the district's vaccination requirements, triggering hefty fines for the district and compromising the health and safety of the school community.

Our Solution

Understanding the critical nature of the problem, our team embarked on the development of a user-friendly app aimed at simplifying the vaccination compliance process. Our approach involved:

  1. In-Depth Analysis: Conducting thorough research to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by LAUSD families in managing vaccination requirements.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Working closely with school administrators, health officials, and parents to gather insights and feedback on the app's functionality and user experience.
  3. Technology Innovation: Leveraging the latest technology to create an intuitive, accessible, and secure platform that streamlined the vaccination verification process.
  4. Education and Outreach: Implementing a comprehensive communication strategy to educate the community about the importance of vaccination and how to use the app effectively.


The deployment of the vaccination compliance app had an immediate and profound impact on LAUSD:

  • Increased Compliance: Vaccination compliance rates soared by 75%, significantly reducing health risks and enhancing the safety of the school environment.
  • Financial Savings: The district saw a dramatic decrease in daily financial losses, saving millions of dollars that could be redirected towards educational initiatives and resources.
  • Efficiency and Empowerment: The app streamlined the vaccination process, making it easier for families to manage health records and stay compliant. This empowered parents and guardians, fostering a more engaged and health-conscious community.
  • Community Engagement: The project fostered a stronger connection between the schools and the families they serve, promoting a collaborative approach to health and safety.

Our work with the Los Angeles Unified School District stands as a testament to our ability to tackle complex challenges through innovative technology and strategic collaboration. By developing a user-friendly app, we not only resolved the immediate issue of low vaccination compliance but also laid the foundation for a healthier, more informed, and engaged school community. Our success in this project underscores our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that address the pressing needs of our clients and their stakeholders.