Scaling impact, one line of code at a time.

Dusseau & Company: Your plug-and-play team for developing high-impact software. We ideate, design, and build custom solutions for venture-backed startups and innovative businesses. Together, let's bring your impact vision to reality.

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About our studio

We help turn your vision into reality by providing expert product strategy, design, and development services. With a mission to create scalable software applications that drive positive social and environmental impact, we're committed to creating financial returns while making the world a better place. Join us in scaling impact, one line of code at a time.

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Our services

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Product Strategy

We begin by listening to your idea. With a blend of customer insights and data-driven strategies, we craft a precise product roadmap tailored to your objectives. Simple, transparent, and tailored for those who have a vision but need the right plan to make it happen.

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Prototype Development

Got an idea you're exploring? We'll turn it into a clickable prototype. Test your concept, get feedback, and refine your vision. It's the ideal step for founders who aren't ready to fully develop yet but want to see their idea in action. Perfect for usability testing and shaping the future of your product.

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Software Development

We bring your design to life by building a custom software application. Our team of experienced engineers, product managers, and designers work together to deliver a product that exceeds your users expectations. We use agile development methodologies to ensure that you are involved throughout the process and that we deliver a high-quality product on time and in budget.

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Fractional Leadership

Our fractional CTO and CPO services offer executive technology and product leadership, covering all key aspects of tech and product strategy, management, and execution. As your CTO, we'll handle technology budgets, engineering, cybersecurity, contracts, and investments. As your CPO, we'll lead product vision, design, development, analytics, and marketing. Our goal is to align your company with its technological and product goals and drive success.


Industries we serve


Partner with us in creating cutting-edge software solutions for your financial technology company and/or investment platform. From mobile banking apps to asset management platforms, our team has the experience and expertise to bring your fintech ideas to life.

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Let's create a secure, compliant software solutions for healthcare organizations. Our team is well-versed in industry standards such as HIPAA, FHIR, and HL7, ensuring your data is safe, and secure and your customers' needs are met. Let us help streamline your healthcare technology.

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We love designing and developing software solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. From NLP models to predictive analytics, we help AI/ML startups leverage cutting-edge technology to drive growth and innovation.

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