Why us?

We are a lean group of founders, engineers, and entrepreneurs on a mission to build software products that make a difference.


Mark D.

Product Strategy & Engineering

Our founder, Mark started Dusseau and Company in 2018 after spending several years in D.C. building predictive models for some of our nation's leading companies and the department of defense. An Oakland native and former foster youth, Mark has always prioritized social impact, so he built Dusseau and Company with a mission to generate impact at scale. When he is not working, you can catch him spending time with his pup, Buddha, or training for his upcoming MMA bout.

Bread and Butter

Data Modeling

Product roadmapping

Full Stack Engineering

Experimenting with

Consumer psychology

Startup pre-seed funding

B.S. Mathematics & Economics | M.S. Economics

Justice P.

Product Engineering

With a graduate degree in Computer Science and over 12 years of experience building software for small businesses and ventured backed-startups, Justice is an industry expert with a deep understanding of various software solutions and technical consulting. When he is not working, you can catch him spending time going to art shows, jogging , or painting

Bread and Butter


Distributed systems

Full stack engineering

Machine Learning

Experimenting with

Cutting edge Cybersecurity Technology

Content Creation

B.S. Computer Science | M.S. Computer Science

Vicky P.

Product Design

Vicky leads design at Dusseau and Company. She has over 5+ years of experience designing mobile and web interfaces for businesses and improving their usability by simplifying them to be more transparent and frictionless. In her free time, she likes to knit cozy sweaters, paint in watercolor, and is an avid kickboxer trainer!

Bread and Butter

Analysis and wireframing

Minimalistic UI


Experimenting with

Solving user problems

Data optimisation

Graphic Styles

B.A. Architecture | M.S. Architecture


Does Dusseau and Co provide funding?

On rare occasions, we provide seed funding to exceptional teams who are current or past partners of ours. If you would like to learn more, email us at hello@dusseauand.com.

How much is it to build my application?

Development costs vary by project. However, we have learned that our most successful projects take around 3-4 months to complete with a budget between $75k - $100K for the first version of the application.

How do you differ from other digital agencies?

Our partners love working with us so much that they often attempt to acquire our studio; it has happened 3 times now. We are not your average product development company. We were founded by an engineer who is leveling the playing field for startups and small businesses through personable and high-quality product development services. Yes, we are a small team, but like a tic-tac, we pack a lot of punch. We don't just code; we help our clients flush out their business strategy, prioritize and scope their product features, conduct customer research, run experiments, raise capital and connect them with our growing network of founders and operators. We are invested in your success and show this through an unwavering effort to bring you the right resources for your company's success.

Why is Impact so important to you

Impact has been at the core of our identity since our founder launched our studio. We didn't realize it at the time, but we were naturally inclined to take on projects we believed had the most impact. Our founder spent 17 years in the foster care system, which molded his and our team's identity and principles. No project or founder is ever overlooked. Everyone deserves a chance to contribute to the tech ecosystem. This allows us to bring empathy, compassion, and sheer grit to every project we take on. Trust us when we say this; you will feel our commitment to deliver exceptional service on the first day of working with us.

What stack do you use?

We are technology agnostic. However, we do have an affinity for Javascript, AWS, and Firebase. It's important to note that we determine the stack after clearly defining what we are building and who we are building it for. We will always seek to choose the right tool for the job.

What is the process to work with Dusseau and company?

You can reach out to us with your project requirements. Our team will review and follow up if we believe we are the best team for the job. If not, we will send you referrals and wish you the best. Although we wish we could work with everyone, we only work with 5% of the companies that reach out to us.

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