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IPX Retirement

IPX Retirement, formerly FPS Group, is a leading provider of trust, custody, IRA, and recordkeeping services to the retirement plan industry. The company faced a major challenge with their legacy system, which was over 15 years old and in need of modernization. That's where our team stepped in to help. We provided expert support in product strategy development, conducting focus groups and in-depth research to reimagine the way IPX would manage their customers' assets.

The result was a complete rebuild of the system from the ground up, which now manages assets, portfolios, conducts trades with vendors, and provides insightful data analytics for their portfolios. Our team of experts worked hand-in-hand with IPX's 20-member team of financial managers and portfolio managers who were managing around $40 billion in assets.

The impact of our work was immediate and significant. The modern platform we built allowed IPX to streamline their operations, automate manual processes, and gain a deeper understanding of their portfolios through data analytics. Our customers experienced a seamless transition to the new platform and have since reported improved efficiency, better decision-making, and increased returns on investments.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality results was reflected in the metrics of the project's success. Our work led to a 50% reduction in operational costs, a 20% increase in productivity, and a 15% increase in returns on investments. These impressive results speak volumes about the impact we made for IPX and the great experience our clients had working with us.

In conclusion, our work on IPX's asset management platform showcases our expertise in delivering innovative solutions and driving real results for our clients. Our ability to successfully reimagine a legacy system, improve efficiency, and increase returns on investment is a testament to the quality of our work and the great experience our clients have working with us.