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Driving Hunger Away

Driving Hunger Away is a social impact startup that seeks to reduce food waste in restaurants, businesses, and corporations while also providing volunteer opportunities for young adults and teenagers. The company approached our teamfor help in building a platform that would connect restaurants, businesses, and volunteers, and promote their mission.

We began by conducting thorough market research, customer interviews, and heuristic studies to understand the needs and behaviors of all stakeholders. Based on the insights, they developed a prototype and designed a scalable data model that would allow for efficient food transportation and volunteer management. They also created a high fidelity clickable prototype that demonstrated the product's functionality and user experience.

The impact of the work done by our product team was significant. The Driving Hunger Away platform gained traction with corporate companies, restaurants, businesses, and volunteers alike, leading to a reduction in food waste and an increase in food donations to those in need. The product proved to be a valuable asset to the community and an effective way to promote social impact.

Thanks to our work, Driving Hunger Away was able to achieve its goal of connecting with corporate companies, restaurants, businesses and promoting volunteerism, leading to seed funding and MVP development. Their focus on research, user experience design, and scalability made a significant difference in the success of the product, and the company was able to make a positive impact on the community.