Purchase Order System
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Alpha International

Alpha International is a trusted Baltimore-based small business known for selling top-quality products like under-mount stainless steel sinks, tubs, and toilets. For 26 years, they've been serving wholesalers, retailers, contractors, and stone fabricators, but as their business grew, their manual order processing system became a problem. Customers were becoming frustrated with long wait times, leading to a decline in sales and even some customers leaving.

That's when Alpha International reached out to us at Dusseau and Co to help them digitize their ordering process. We conducted research and customer interviews and settled on building a mobile app to improve their customers' experience. Within three months, we delivered a seamless mobile app for Alpha International, and the results were fantastic. Their sales increased, processing time decreased by 70%, and their COO reported a 25% increase in NPS score.

The success of the project shows that creating a stress-free ordering experience is crucial for sales-based businesses. By reducing wait times, you'll keep customers happy and coming back for more.