Event Management Application

Building a mobile/web app for Togather, a top event planning company
Event Management ApplicationEvent Management Application
“Their team is very understanding and helpful.”
The work that goes into successfully planning and hosting an event is never appreciated as much as it should be. This is probably because a successful event often proceeds so smoothly that guests would barely notice it; but when an event goes south, everyone notices.

When you look at the ingredients needed to successfully plan an event, then you'd realize how tough it can be. From drawing up a plan and budget for the event to curating and sealing deals with vendors, to establishing and keeping in contact with your guests before and after the event, it is often a thankless task. This is why top event planning companies are worth every penny you pay for their services.

Togather is an event planning and management company. The company was founded by a top fashion buyer. After spending 8 years of her life as a women's fashion buyer in New York, she decided to transfer her passion for fashion into the event management industry. It was one thing to create fashionable pieces of clothing, it was another thing to oversee the planning of fashionable events. Yet, she was not deterred. Danielle A. believed in the importance of celebrating milestones and having a memorable time while at it, and it inspired this career change.

As a company, Togather believes in strengthening corporate culture and values through community engagement, thereby reconnecting people in the magic of shared experiences. They plan events the way they believe events should be planned— "intuitive, thoughtful and personal".

Togather approached us to build a mobile and web application under a microservices framework with the capacity to scale its expertise and services. We obliged, and it was the beginning of a beautiful project. In the end, our work has helped our clients plan over 100 events with over a thousand satisfied attendees.

The Situation

At the time we were called upon, Togather was getting more clients than they could manually handle. This can be very frustrating. Trying to keep track of and successfully onboard every client that comes your way is never a mean feat and most times you need help.

Togather recognized this problem immediately and decided on a solution. They felt they could manage the situation if they had a mobile/web app that would take the strain off them physically, automating the process as much as possible. They knew tech was the answer, and they were right. The task was to build a mobile and web MVP under a microservices framework.

The Result

We went to work as soon as we had gone through the necessary conversations. With us, it's always about transparency and empathy. Understanding our client's situation, we made it clear what solution would best fit their company model. Our engineers and designers swung into action using our famed scientific approach.

The result was a mobile and web app, with the capacity to handle and automate their onboarding processes. Since they already had their own designs, we carried out an audit and built the MVP. The project is still in its beta stage but it has already helped to plan up to 100 events with 100 happy hosts and over a thousand impressed guests.

Hugely satisfied with our work, Togather has made plans to contract with us to build ToGather 2.0.

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