Decentralized Internet Program

Melaninternet wanted to change the world, so we helped make it happen
Decentralized Internet ProgramDecentralized Internet Program
“Since I started working with Dusseau and Co, I can feel the progress I'm making. Their product strategy and validation tools helped me get early traction , and the results are still improving. Great!”
Most people know how the internet works, how the web is made up of millions of computers connected by hordes of internet servers hosted in thousands of server farms across the world. Some of the problems that come with a hugely centralized internet are well documented —from server inefficiencies and control to user privacy issues— but industry stakeholders have not quite paid as much attention to the problem as it requires.

Enters Melaninternet. Founded by David Powell in April 2021, the company was created to squarely tackle these long-standing issues— decentralize the internet, improve efficiency and give users access to their servers, which essentially means more control over their data. Originally a career psychologist, the founder decided to take on his passion for creating safer and more efficient technology for public use.

Melaninternet uses the Mesh Network, composed of devices or nodes. As opposed to hosting websites on giant server farms and all the potential issues that could come with that, Melaninternet allows users to convert their computers, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs into an interconnected network of mini servers. The Melaninternet model uses the wi-fi, Bluetooth, unused storage, and bandwidth of each device in the network, each device serving as a node connecting into a layer of the internet infrastructure. The nodes become a web when data is passed between them, with each of the devices in the mesh sharing the workload according to bandwidth and storage status. The mesh network makes it easy for users to retrieve information via caches by breaking up information into pieces and storing them across the devices. This is quite similar to the process of how bit torrent works. As an independent network, Melaninternet users won't have to deal with the theft or harvesting of user information.

The Situation

Melaninternet wanted to revolutionize the internet. To do so they needed first to build a prototype to demonstrate the workability of the idea of a decentralized internet. They also needed to create a user-centric landing page, beef up marketing, and create a pitch deck to raise seed funding. It was time to be part of a revolutionary movement, and we were up for it.

The Result

After listening to what Melaninternet wanted, our engineers and designers worked together with them to come up with the perfect prototype for the Melaninternet model. Given the nature of this project, the work processes involved in bringing this product to life brought out every extra bit of meticulousness from the team. We needed to get this right, and we did.

Asides from building an effective prototype, we also created their high converting landing page, designed their business model, financial model and created their pitch deck. Today, Melaninternet has over 5,000 signups and has raised over $50,000 in seed funding. Melaninternet was so impressed with the MVP that they have hired us to build the additional tech.

When our clients are happy, we're happy.

A better internet.”