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“Did a good job on our project for a reasonable price and will continue working with them in the future.”
Since 2001, Hawthorne Developmental Agency has been of immense help to kids in the Illinois EI program. Providing health services to children whose cognitive development is stunted might not be the easiest of tasks, yet Hawthorne prides itself on the professionalism of its staff, the ability to compile and deliver accurate reports, and its culture of building solid bonds with families of their clients.

As a small clinic whose clients are lovely little developmentally challenged kids, Hawthorne's therapists are top-notch, efficient, and well trained. They regularly undergo training on certain specializations like using music to aid growth, dealing with children who are autistic, sign languages, and building social skills.

So, how could Dusseau And Company have been of help to Hawthorne Developmental Agency?

The Situation

Though a small clinic, Hawthorne was faced with the problem of digitizing their offline processes. They reckoned that doing this would give them a lot more control and clarity over tracking of notes and reports from clinical sessions, and having reliable documentation of visits conducted. They also wanted a seamless way of processing their billing for the state of Illinois and upgrading their status from a clinic whose activities were solely offline to a fully digital clinic, whilst maintaining HIPPA compliance.

To achieve this, they not only needed an online presence, but they also needed to fully unpack their businesses, review and redefine their standard operating procedures, and document their key workflow and KPIs.

This is the point where Dusseau and Company stepped in to unpack their businesses, build an HIPPA compliant software with an audit proof.

The Result

It took all three months to go from start to finish on this project, but it was worth it. In those three months, we unpacked their businesses, reviewed and redefined their standard operating procedures, documented their key workflow and KPIs, and built a smart first version web app.

Among many other achievements, the web app has increased its billing lifecycle by 5 days and improved its session processing time by 90%.

At Dusseau And Co, it's all about helping our clients reach their goals and objectives using modern technology, with a special emphasis on people startups owned or composed by founders of diverse backgrounds.