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From concept to funding
Bidding & Procurement PlatformBidding & Procurement Platform
“We enjoyed working with them so much their founder is now a co-founder of our business.”
This time, our client was a startup still in its infant stages. They needed a ready-to-use web app that could serve their C-Suite executives at a moment's notice. After all the preliminary checks and counter-checks were completed, we successfully built their MVP within a two weeks sprint. Quite incredible? Yes. We went on to develop a long-term relationship as their go-to development team, after the swiftly achieved success of the initial project.

The Situation

There is currently a spike in the demand for equitable business contracting, and Black Business Warehouse, our client in this case study, is at the forefront of brokering corporate deals between black companies and key enterprises. We consider it an honor to have been the development team called upon to set up the technology that made it all possible.

Black Business Warehouse is a startup replete with hugely experienced business leaders. Together with these wonderful professionals, alongside our engineer and product manager, we decided to go with a two-week deadline for their MVP.

The project was to build an MVP that could prove their concept and provide support for their fundraising initiative. In line with Black Business Warehouse's end goals, the web app had to be a dynamic and fast product that could be launched and utilized in no time at all.

The Result

Following through with our commitment to building the product in two weeks, we came to the end of the development process in 14 days. To consolidate on this achievement and seal a long-term creative relationship with our client, we added to the team a dedicated engineer, a product manager, and a UI/UX designer to support the initial team.

Since their launch, Black Business Warehouse has created a pool of high capacity black-owned businesses, raking in over $375M in revenue, and in the process, joining forces with two sourcing Partners, namely: J.P Morgan Chase and McKinstry.

This beams the headlights at a trust level in our joint effort that leaves us incredibly proud. We will continue to stand by the Black Business Warehouse as they forge ahead in their mission to change the world through a product that could be launched and used at a moment's notice.

Let's change the world.”