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what we do

We build people-centered software applications.


Product Strategy

You're not sure what to do next. Our software development process will help you with all your questions. We'll research, interview, plan, and develop your next step in just three weeks.

UX/UI Design

Planning and designing your product takes time. We focus on the essentials: user experience, interaction design, and information architecture. And we do it in real-time so you get feedback from your team and users faster.

Beta Development

We can help you make your idea a reality. We'll handle the front-end development and backend APIs so you don't have to worry about that part of it. You focus on building your business.

Dusseau & Co.

Here’s a brief description of our values.
Human’s First
Global Impact
Respect the Art
Respect the Science

Human's First

Our philosophy and design methodology empower human-centered products, services, and organizations.

Respect the Science

We have built a culture that adheres to the principles of scientific research. This means you can trust your results, and use them as a basis for future work.


We are not afraid of being vulnerable, thus, we share everything we have to offer across teams, stakeholders, and more. Vulnerability is what makes us powerful.

Respect the Art

Our work is artfully executed and respects the creative vision of our clients.

Global Impact

We know that we are not just building software, but that our work will touch the lives of many.


By taking ownership in everything we think, and create, our team executes with more quality.

Let our clients do the talking.

Gonzalo Ayala
Laboratory Manager
"They asked and made recommendations and completed our project in an expedited manner. We would not hesitate to utilize them again.
Will Tutol
"I've had some bad experiences with corporations treating us like a number. The Dusseau and Co team take the time to give you personal attention."
David Castillo
Vice President
“The best part of working with them was seeing their effort to fully understand the project, and the pain point the project would be solving...”
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